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Coaching Packages

Individual and mother/daughter packages available

Time to Bloom:Individual Program

3 month program

Individual programs include weekly 1:1 meetings via Zoom.  We will follow the Time to Bloom framework, but I will tailor each call to your specific needs at the time.  You will receive "homework" to work on between calls, and I will be available between calls via email to help with any questions or issues that may arise.  This program is ideal for the woman (or girl) who wants more from her life but isn't sure how to get it, or feels guilt for even wanting more.  We will explore how society holds us back and delve into ways to tune out the constant messages we receive that keep us living small.  We will also explore ways to tune in to our own inner values and wisdom and learn to trust them more deeply.  We will build rituals and routines of care that allow us to feel and be our best selves, and we will work on strategies and tools that allow us to carry ourselves into the world confidently and boldly.  

$1000/month or $2500 paid in full

Bloom Together:Mother/Daughter Program

3 month program

In this program, we will do everything we do in the individual Time to Bloom program, plus more.  I will meet with each of you individually 1:1 each week.  Additionally, there will be 2 group Zoom sessions where we deepen your mother/daughter relationship and build up your communication skills.  This experience can create or deepen the mother daughter bond in incredibly powerful ways.

$2000/month or $5000 paid in full

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